Friday, September 24, 2010

And Suddenly What Wasn't, Was

From past experience, I'd say having a blog is like having a demanding pet. You've got to feed it, walk it, trim its nail, put up with its shedding, and keep it from biting the neighbors (at least the ones you like). Blogs are slightly less likely to chew the corners off of your coffee table, or to vomit on your rug. However, if you're not careful a blog can take over your life, turning you from a functioning member of society into one of the pale, anti-social individuals, known to the world as "bloggers".

There's something tantalizing about having your own web address, a personalized place to display your innermost thoughts and ravings. As an opinionated person, I love the idea of spewing said opinions into the outer atmosphere of the internet, to mingle amidst the cosmic cacophony of information stockpiled there. We'll see if I have enough personal potential energy to keep this ball rolling.

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